Criminal Law 

Traffic Matters


Our team are available to speak with you about any traffic matter, including without limitation:-

  • Speeding offences

  • Drink driving offences

  • Drug driving offences

  • Driving while suspended, cancelled, disqualified

  • Negligent driving

  • Street racing

  • Habitual Traffic Offender Declaration 

  • Appeals

Apprehended Violence Orders (AVO's)


Legal One acts for the Defendant in AVO matters, as well as applicants for private Apprehended Violence Orders. 

Criminal Law 


Legal One can represent you in any criminal matter with which you find yourself charged. We have a great deal of experience in Local Court and District Court criminal matters, as well as Supreme Court Bail Applications.


Legal One has experience in the following matters: 

  • Common Assault

  • Stalk Intimidate intend fear

  • Assault Occasioning Actual Bodily Harm

  • Take/detain person to obtain advantage

  • Intentionally Choke

  • Commit act of indecency

  • Sexual Intercourse without Consent

  • Firearms Act offences

  • Weapons Prohibition Act offences

  • Drug Misuse and Trafficking offences including supply and ongoing supply

  • Assault and other Actions Against Police Officers

  • Long Services Corporation Offences including dishonesty

  • Reckless Grievous Bodily Harm or Wounding

Legal One can assist you in obtaining the best possible outcome. 

We have experience in the Early Appropriate Guilty Pleas Scheme.