Estate Law

Estate, Wills and Power of Attorney


Legal One can assist you by:

  • Drafting your Will

  • Advising you as to the effect of the Successions Act

  • Drafting your Power of Attorney

  • Advising you as to registration and use of your Power of Attorney

  • Drafting your Appointment of Enduring Guardian


Each adult should have a valid Will, and ensure it is kept up to date at all times. 

You should update your Will if:

  • You change your name, or anybody named in the will changes theirs

  • An executor dies or becomes unwilling to act as executor or becomes unsuitable due to age, ill health or any other reason

  • A beneficiary (someone who has been left something in the will) dies

  • You have specifically left any property which you subsequently sell or give away or put in trust or into a partnership or which changes its character

  • You marry or divorce; or if you have children (including adopted or foster children)

  • You enter or end a De Facto (or domestic partner) relationship