Family Law 

Applications for Divorce, Property Disputes and Children’s Issues



An Application for Divorce can only be made after a 12 month separation between the parties and when there is no reasonable likelihood of reconciliation. Parties can still be considered separated whilst living under the same roof.

The breakdown of a marriage is a difficult time for all parties involved, and in particular, when there are children of the marriage. Both financial issues and children’s issues are best settled through negotiation and consent, to avoid protracted and costly litigation. Children’s issues and financial issues can be settled via consent orders. Property issues can also be settled by way of a Binding Financial Agreement.


The Family Law Act together with the Family Court has a primary focus on making the rights and needs of the children of paramount importance. The courts encourage children to have a meaningful relationship with both their parents, unless it is in their interest not to do so. Parental consent orders should be drafted with a focus on the responsibilities that the parents have towards their children.


Legal One can assist you by:

  • Advising you as to your rights pursuant to the Family Law Act

  • Drafting Consent Orders in property and children's matters

  • Drafting Binding Financial Agreements

  • Acting in respect of Child Support Disputes

  • Application for Divorce

  • Preparing and filing Initiating Applications, affidavits and financial statements

  • Attending and representing you in court, including in relation to interim hearings, conciliation conferences, and at trial

  • Arranging and representing you in alternative Dispute Resolution