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The Owners Strata Plan 69743
-v- TRT Constructions Pty Ltd


Supreme Court of New South Wales  

The Plaintiff brought a claim under the Home Building Act 1989 against our client, the Defendant, who was the builder of a 14 dwelling residential strata building. The Plaintiff alleged building defects. The case commenced in 2013, and at the final hearing in 2016, we achieved a complete victory for our client, the Defendant builder, successfully arguing that the action was commenced one day out of the 7 year warranty period.


Revelop Projects Pty Ltd
-v- Pietra Stone Pty Ltd



Home Building, NCAT  

It was alleged that our client, the Respondent, had defectively installed stone facing, not in compliance with the contract, and a dispute arose in relation to a number of items or areas of defect.

After a two day hearing, the application against our client was dismissed in its entirety, and a costs order was made in client’s favour. This was a complete win for our client. 


Hanna Ibrahim HSL Group 

I have been utilising the services of Legal One for the last five years.

As property developers and building contractors, it is important that we have legal advice and representation through all aspects of the property and project cycle. Alison and her team have been fantastic to deal with and accommodating through our business growth and diversification.


Best lawyers I have ever dealt with!  

R. Totade 

I take this opportunity to thank Alison and Valentina for their outstanding work in achieving this excellent result in my favour.

This result means a lot to me and my family.

I have no words to express the relief and the joy from the outcome which all of you have achieved. So a very very big thank you to all of you.


R -v- Haroutioun Arakelian


Local Court Downing Centre Criminal

Legal One acted for the defendant in relation to events and warrants that were issued almost 2 decades ago. Greg Stanton was briefed as Counsel.


In 2002, 21 warrants were issued against the defendant, but only executed in early 2020, due to the fact that he had moved to New Zealand.


The defendant was arrested, however, due to the fact that no charges had been laid in connection with the warrants, Mr. Greg Stanton successfully argued for the Defendant’s release.


On 18 Feb 2020, we were successful before the Burwood Local Court in obtaining a costs order against the NSW Police, because although the Warrants had been executed, no charges had been laid.


From the 21 warrants, only 2 charges were eventually laid against the Defendant, with these charges relating to the law of bailment, specifically, that the Defendant as bailee of precious stones, took and exchanged those goods for his own use, rather than paying for the property or returning it to the owner.


After successful negotiations with the prosecutor, the Defendant plead guilty to the two charges, and we successfully obtained a s.10 dismissal with no conviction recorded.

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